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About Fun Run 2

run 3Fun run 2 is the game for people who love running games,in this game you will test yourself how fast you can run and how quickly you can make a right decisions.Fun run 2 is the game for mobile devices,when you play this game you take part in running competition, there are 3 other online funny opponents,you have to try to be first on finish line.After each tournament you will get some money and you can buy some new clothes and accessorise for your runner,if you are online from PC or notebook here you can play different version of run2. This is 3D game with amazing graphics,when you are running you can jump and rotate the road ,you must avoid fall from the road.There are two funny characters in this game first is runner and the second is skater,skater also can run quickly.When running You will find some golden balls try collect each golden ball which u find while running.Road is like a labyrinth sometimes you may loose the way ,but after some practice you will find it again.This Funny run 2 is free online game for all aged people,children like to play it because it is very easy to play and skater and runner are funny and attractive.The road is very interesting, it is laid in cosmos, you can see stars and space objects when running.As mentioned before ,this game is easy to play ,you have to use only arrow keys and space bar for jumping.We wish u success in playing and will be glad if you enjoy playing .Do not forget our website , if you feel tired and need some rest visit us,our skater and runner with pleasure will meet you.



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